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VIDEO/PODCAST: Graham Hancock And Randall Carlson Interview

VIDEO/PODCAST: Graham Hancock And Randall Carlson Interview

Academic hostility towards snake oil buzzword profiteers. These cunts steal the hard earned establishment of words and concepts, trading in their public currency to self-enrich. In so doing these words and concepts get perverted in the minds of the public, creating problems, twisting communication and messing with progress in the subject to which the academic/scientists has devoted a whole life.

This suspicion extends to lay people, however knowledgeable. Too many to include, each think himself the exception, only so many hours in the day, how to time-allocate? Tests of commitment or singular brilliance or weight of platform. Tests of commitment to subject? Putting in the time, not least giving back to the subject by taking on teaching, contributing to the data science, civil peer review, tenure over fameprofit.

This subtext to academic attitude in the above Podcast compounds itself by making the sincere scientist predisposed to antipathy, which makes him seem like a dismissive aggressive bastard to a viewer, while the snake oil salesman is a professional seller so seems reasonable and ill treated by contrast. The academic is motivated by truth but risks reputation being pilfered by the salesman who's aim is profit which is helped by legitimacy close contact with the scientist provides.

Graham Hancock is a slippery fellow.

But Randall Carlson is sincere and an important lost resource or egoist unwilling to put in the hard graft.

Maybe this topic is too boring to write out. Language is slow. One knows all the above in the moment. Unpacking it fully takes time and can be dry. But it needs to be laid bare, then folded back into reader understanding thereafter. That's the aim when writing it all out. Dunno if it's palatable enough. Perennial problem.