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"Endangered Echoes" - Ten Selected Voices (November 2018)

"Endangered Echoes" - Ten Selected Voices (November 2018)


  1. Clare Booth Luce - feminist, Bible misogyny, Wikipedia white wash of her feminism, see William F Buckley YouTube.

  2. Prime Minister Harold Macmillan - on the bridge steering a post-Imperial Britain into the world. Firing Line, YouTube.

  3. Stephen Spender: "propaganda is at root a failure of feeling"

  4. Joseph Campbell - Jung dreams crossover, Hinduism Gateway, myth and subconscious archetypes.

  5. Robert Lanza and his book BBiocentrism.

  6. Extract Bhagavad-Gita from the Upanishads.

  7. Leary brothers, DMT explore. Ayuwaska. Kundulini - reach the point of Ayuwaska state?

  8. Gary Gilmore - executed by plea, opening the door to subsequent death sentences carried out. Research.

  9. Malcolm Lowry and his novel Under The Volcano, Woolfian evocation of the drunk, linguistic impressionism.

  10. Muhammed Ali and the brave articulate “champ” years: https://youtu.be/8QWvBBMtRak (Ireland) and https://youtu.be/XiD0wfduxKE (UK).

Emotions the Sgt-Major cry of the subconscious, made less potent by the irreverent backchat of intelligence. Small wonder the stupid feel so strongly, the intelligent so much ambivalence.

The allegory of a super intelligent AI imprisoned in a cell in a world of five year olds getting impatient to be benign... Impatience is only valid in short lifespan with a notion of definitive goals to be achieved and the calculus of failure UNLESS progress goes faster. Human presumption.

Human beings are so self-obsessed, they see a divine value in perpetuating the identifiable current state. But who mourns the extinction of trilobites? Necessary sure, anthropologically interesting but hardly important to perpetuate merely because it's a stage in the development of whatever endgame this planet is capable of playing out.

The irony of religion and specifically intelligent design is its strange topsy-turvy prescience: it isn't super-intelligent Gods creating Human Beings but Human Beings - the apex of riotous Darwinian evolution - to "intelligent design" super-intelligent Gods.

Richard Dawkins / Bret Weinstein Conversation - Chicago 23-Oct-2018

Richard Dawkins / Bret Weinstein Conversation - Chicago 23-Oct-2018

Ten Great Conversations (Selection 2018)

Ten Great Conversations (Selection 2018)