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Top Thirty Standup Comedians By Poll (2018-2019)

Top Thirty Standup Comedians By Poll (2018-2019)



The following results were collated from four separate polls taken on two occasions in two cities (London and New York). These were intended to be polls of the stand-up comedy literate taken at selected spots in the two cities: Rupert Street / Shaftesbury Avenue corner in London and 6th Avenue / W4th Street in Manhattan.

Filter question was contained in the poll itself. The person polled simply had to rank his/her own top five comedians. Those whose top five comedians had less than two names in the top 30, as tallied across all other votes, are filtered out. Those whose top five comedians had two or more in the top 30 become eligible for inclusion and their votes give points: 1 for 5th, 2 for 4th, 3 for 3rd, 5 for 2nd, 8 for 1st place.

300 eligible top fives each were gathered during September 2018 in both cities followed by a further 200 top fives each gathered in both cities in the first week of October 2018.

I - Top Ten in Alphabetical Order

  1. Bill Burr

  2. Dave Chapelle

  3. Louis CK

  4. Billy Connolly

  5. Jim Jefferies

  6. Stewart Lee

  7. Ross Noble

  8. Patrice O’Neal

  9. Richard Pryor

  10. Doug Stanhope


II - 11-20 in Alphabetical Order

  1. Dave Atell

  2. Frankie Boyle

  3. George Carlin

  4. Rodney Dangerfield

  5. Mitch Hedberg

  6. Bill Hicks

  7. Eddie Izzard

  8. Dylan Moran

  9. Brian Regan

  10. Garry Shandling


III - 21-30 (alphabetical order)

  1. Russell Brand

  2. David Cross

  3. Joey Diaz

  4. Norm Macdonald

  5. Marc Maron

  6. Eddie Murphy

  7. Patton Oswalt

  8. Eddie Pepitone

  9. Chris Rock

  10. Johnny Vegas

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