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"Voices Of The Dead" - Ten Distinct Voice Records (Michaelmas 2018)

"Voices Of The Dead" - Ten Distinct Voice Records (Michaelmas 2018)

The population of the Earth is over 7 billion in 2018 but, if we use 12,000 years ago as our arbitrary marker - the start of the neolithic age - the age of the homo sapiens, we estimate there have been over 50 billion human beings with around 14% still alive today, remarkably.

We’re still very much at the sharp end of human population, here in the 21st century, and given we could only record (let alone film) people over the past 100 years, the rest of our species must fade or be preserved as caricatures, grotesque versions of their living breathing source. Art and literature is a precious cargo, certainly, but it’s a different dialogue to firsthand record. These “Voices of the Dead” lists are simple scattergun selections from the vaults of the dead. We’ve tried to stick to significant diverse individuals who’re worth your time and deserve to be part of collective active recall.

Ten “Voices of the Dead” in no particular order:

  1. Christopher Hitchens https://youtu.be/P-OcOJC27iQ

  2. Francis Bacon https://youtu.be/MgrO5za0lSY

  3. Dick Gregory https://youtu.be/GNFAwvBt_Dg

  4. John Lennon https://youtu.be/OtsPXB-mrds

  5. Jacob Brunowski https://youtu.be/DFgnGUL78MU

  6. Margaret Thatcher https://youtu.be/f8W5Zy-gagU

  7. Allan Watts https://youtu.be/-JIp9_IIV3s

  8. Malcolm X https://youtu.be/_LXiSPpfM54

  9. Sylvia Plath https://youtu.be/ZPFQOtGSr4o?t=40

  10. Charles Bukowski https://youtu.be/h32g3g7r4Q8

The Fixed Point Podcast with Larry Taunton (6/25/2015) Larry Taunton first met Christopher Hitchens at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2008. Hitchens was set to debate John Lennox just a year after the famed Dawkins vs. Lennox showdown in Birmingham, Alabama.
Francis Bacon was the loudest, rudest, drunkest, most sought-after British artist of the 20th century. Twenty-five years after his death, his canvases regularly exceed £40million at auction. Bacon's appeal is rooted in his notoriety - a candid image he presented of himself as Roaring Boy, Lord of Misrule and Conveyor of Artistic Violence.
John Lennon sat down at the Tomorrow Show and gave his last interview ever.
First transmitted in 1974, Michael Parkinson's guest is Dr Jacob Bronowski, the presenter and writer of the 1973 documentary series, The Ascent of Man. Dr Bronowski shares his first impressions on arriving in England in the 1920s, his memories of filming at Auschwitz, his thoughts on science and his broader philosophy of life, in a truly compelling interview.

This documentary chronicles the writer Charles Bukowski, who is as well known for his drinking binges as for his poetry and prose. (Greece, 2003)

Former British Prime Minister James Callaghan speaking at the end of a primetime televised round table debate. He's answering a question about whether he thinks his policies will take the country to the promised land.
Ten Films From Ten Decades

Ten Films From Ten Decades

Richard Dawkins / Bret Weinstein Conversation - Chicago 23-Oct-2018

Richard Dawkins / Bret Weinstein Conversation - Chicago 23-Oct-2018