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The Eponymous Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) Gang

The Eponymous Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) Gang

A good summary of the intellectual Dark Web, taking it serious and trying to put it into some kind of historical context can be found on the RSA website by Julian Astle HERE.

I’ve divided 50 individuals associated with the IDW into five groups of ten: the core founders, the individual associate members (i.e. not signed up, but influential on the IDW themes), then the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good are the lefties and the independents, the Bad are the conservatives, corporates and far right ideologues, and the Ugly is a mix of unaligned quality with slippery dissemblers. No comment is intended on the physical looks of those in the Ugly list!

Core Founder Members:

  1. Sam Harris

  2. Jordan Peterson

  3. Eric Weinstein

  4. Bret Weinstein

  5. Michael Shermer

  6. Joe Rogan

  7. Dave Rubin

  8. Heather Heying

  9. Douglas Murray

  10. Jonathan Haidt

Associate Members:

  1. Maajid Nawaz

  2. Ayaan Hirsi Ali

  3. Christina Hoff Sommers

  4. Camille Paglia

  5. Tim Pool

  6. Adam Carolla

  7. Claire Lehmann

  8. Steven Pinker

  9. Dan Carlin

  10. Lindsay Shepherd

The Good:

  1. Noam Chomsky.

  2. Alice Dreger

  3. Christopher Hitchens (deceased)

  4. Richard Dawkins

  5. Brian Greene

  6. Bari Weiss

  7. Michael Moore

  8. Matt Taibbi

  9. Yuval Noah Harari

  10. Daniel Dennett

The Bad:

  1. Ben Shapiro

  2. Dennis Prager

  3. James Damore

  4. Charles Murray

  5. David Frum

  6. Bill Maher

  7. Anthony Cumia

  8. Andrew Sullivan

  9. Sargon of Akkad (Carl Wots-his-name)

  10. Tommy Robinson

The Ugly:

  1. Count Dankula

  2. Gad Saad

  3. Lawrence Kraus

  4. Neil deGrasse Tyson

  5. Sean Carroll

  6. Russell Brand

  7. Nicholas Christakis

  8. Gavin McGinnes

  9. Gary Kasparov

  10. David Deutsch

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