Being in a Cracker Barrel is like living in the mind of an idiot.
— Bob Monkhouse, Mind Of (2003)
Being in Mexico is like living in the mind of someone who’s mentally ill.
— Bob Monkhouse, Mind Of (2003)

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Social Media? Opinionated bullshit without end, echo chambers all one voice prattling comforting outrage. A verbalising of crass id identity urges, so loudly nothing is heard, which is fine because nobody’s listening anyway.
— Bob Geldof, Rats Trapped (2015)
Old people do fuck all because unlike young people they’ve lived long enough to see that nothing they did went to plan. Safest policy: do nothing.
— Bob Carolgees, Spit's Dead Bob's Not (2016)
Why can’t Twitter, YouTube, social media etc simply invert their recommendations / “like this” algorithms, half the time, to break up the headlong rush into echo chamber isolation? Call it a yin-yang algorithm.
— Bob Holness, Antisocial Media (2013)
Quite unreasonably, I hate seeing other people continue to enjoy the cool places I have been and enjoyed so much I don’t enjoy those places the same way any more. It’s not the places themselves I stop liking but a childish protest against the world not putting up a sign saying ‘I was there first’. Or at all.
— Bob Dylan, Tangerine Spam (1985)
For most people the real end of the world is nigh! It’s a race between the wealthy 1% plus Technology they can own versus the 99% minus everyone not awake to the danger.
— Bob Mortimer, Escaping Time and Where (2018)
The difference between having an opinion and being opinionated is the former looks at the real world susceptible to new even contradictory facts, the latter looks at a fantasy world wilfully resistant to anything but confirmation.
— Bob Dole, Grand Old Party's Over (2016)
Brave guys come out swinging with their glasses on.
— Bob Denver, Gilligan's Eye Land (2006)
The ultimate victory of the North in the Civil War is turning racist laws into prisons full of “niggers” earning pennies working for Starbucks. Slavery turned profitable, yankee style, not for agrarian rich but for the corporate capitalist.
— Bob Hope, My Country Takes A Knee (2004)
Polarisation of society and culture is not Left versus Right or Liberal versus Conservative or Progressive versus Reactionary or any of the tropes of identity politics. Not at heart. It’s lazy conceit versus curious humility. And it’s not an even split, sad to say. It’s 90% lazy, 10% curious. This might end up being our undoing as a species.
— Bob Barker, The Price Is Wrong (2017)
The continued survival of our species is safeguarded not by the ambition of arrogant Darwinian apes but - more trustworthy - the gentle insistence of life experience in a world full of mostly foreign strangers.
— Bob Ross, Painting By Natural Selection (1996)

To understand the average middle aged American’s relationship with American history, you need to realize it was learned by osmosis watching Bugs Bunny, cowboys versus Indians, and astronauts in goldfish bowl helmets reflecting the Moon and the star spangled banner.

To understand the average middle aged Briton’s relationship with British history, you need to realise it was learnt reading books about kings and queens, seeing the castles and the tall ships, smelling the beer and wooden pews of mock Tudor pubs.
— Bob Hoskins, Cockney Californian (2015)