The Eyeless Wind - First Chapters

“Eyeless Wind” is the first book in the Pure Angst trilogy. It is the story of Esteban, high priest of the Sethrons and the warlike people in his thrall. Esteban scours the world for fragments of the fallen red moon - the angst stones - but to what end? And the Sethron armies suffer their first defeat, in the highlands of the far north, the remnants of their proud forces fleeing back to bring news of a foe more powerful than any they knew; save one, the high priest himself.

The Bleeding Heart Of Man - Prologue

God marvelled at the universe and pondered those lifeless lightless tracts of space. He suddenly knew what it meant to be alone and this understanding He felt to the deep heart’s core. It demanded an answer: a catalyst second only to the ‘Big Bang’ in creative force for God spoke to the vast insouciance: “You are not alone.”